Music Booking FAQs

Dear Musicians,

We're so honored that you are interested in playing at MOD! Please check out the FAQs below before getting in touch.

Can I speak to the music coordinator? 

The only way to contact our music coordinator is through our website contact forms or by email. She works off-site and cannot be reached at the shop in person or by phone. 

Do you book touring musicians?

Due to our regular rotation of local musicians, our limited calendar does not allow us to book touring musicians. 


What does MOD provide?

MOD provides barista support to get you settled, as well as a power strip, a tip jar, and a stool and fan if you need it. Our musicians bring their own PA, amps, cables, mics, and anything else they may require. We provide a space directly in front of the shop facing our beautiful patio.

How loud can we be? 

We monitor the volume with a decibel reader to keep it at around 75 decibels out of respect for our neighbors.

Is percussion, like a drum kit, okay?

We are usually unable to accommodate percussion, although we do make some exceptions if it is very quiet. 

What kind of music do you host?

We are open to diverse styles of music, as long as the lyric themes are family-friendly and neutral (i.e., please no graphic, violent, religious, political, or sexual themes). Our patio is a community space that hosts a diverse group of Galvestonians and visitors.

What dates are available, and when are the set times and load-in times?

MOD hosts music on most Friday and Saturday nights, weather permitting. Sets are from 7-9pm (6-9pm on ArtWalk nights), and load-in is 30 minutes prior to the start time.

This sounds like a great fit so far! What is the next step?

Awesome! Fill out the contact form provided on this page to get in touch with Lauren, our Events Coordinator.