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About MOD Coffeehouse

MOD Coffeehouse has had the honor of serving Galveston for over 15 years. We are baristas, bakers, managers, parents, students, artists, musicians, writers, and community organizers. We create art, pursue our educations, make music, support our families, and seek balance and health in our own lives. Over the years, we have built careers as baristas, entrepreneurs, pastry chefs, lawyers, doctors, office administrators, marketing professionals, and beyond.  

Our focus is making great coffee, building a positive and supportive work culture, and creating a warm, welcoming place for travelers, locals, students, and all who enter.

MOD Coffeehouse was founded in 2001 by the Brown Family: Angela, Craig, and their son Matthew. The Brown Family wanted to breathe new life into downtown Galveston by providing a space where community could come and gather. They restored the Pix Building and provided beautiful outside seating to encourage development on Postoffice Street. The name “MOD” comes from their desire to bring something more “Modern”, yet full of charm & warm hospitality, to historic downtown Galveston.

MOD was heavily damaged by Hurricane Ike, sustaining over 9 feet of water in the coffeehouse. Following the storm, the Brown family decided they wanted to see MOD remain open, but were ready to transition the business to new owners. Holly Hopkins Richardson partnered with the Browns to re-open MOD. The MOD re-opened, with the help and support of the Galveston community, on May 15th, 2009 – less than a year after Ike. The Browns passed on the traditions of the Coffeehouse to Holly, who became MOD’s Steward, in 2010. MOD Coffeehouse continues to follow the vision, values and traditions established by its founders.